Fundraising System

Our Fundraising System provides a comprehensive promotional system including:

  • Powerful On-Line Support
  • Perpetual Promotion at No Additional Cost
  • Personalized Product – Unique to Each Recipient

We promote your product at retail. These efforts are in addition to your personal fundraising efforts. Every sale we make benefits one of our existing fundraising clients. When you’re working with us, you’ll enjoy the benefits of our promotional efforts.

Our efforts are year round. We exert additional efforts around specific holidays, for example, we undertake additional promotional efforts around:

  • Valentine’s Day;
  • Mother’s Day;
  • Father’s Day;
  • Christmas;
  • and other holidays.

There’s so much more. Our efforts magnify and support your current efforts, promoting your organization to a growing audience of potential donors.

Our continuous efforts promote awareness of your organization and promote products whose sales support your cause.  There is no recurring cost to benefit from these efforts. 

New clients financially benefit one of our current clients when they enter our profitable system.  That means you could directly benefit from the advertising that brought you here.  Complete the form to assure you’re eligible for our significant “First Mover” advantage.             

You’re going to be glad you found our site. 

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